Tania JACK :: illustrator

Moss The Almighty

The Fly & Caterpillar Sandwiches

Pickled Possums & Spotty Pigs

Graphite illustration

Digital illustration


Every story has it's own character and style, so I work closely with an Author (either face to face, by skype or Facebook messenger) to find the look they want for their project. I have worked on projects around the world and either in natural media paint and paper or digital / computer drawn.

There is nothing more satisfying as knowing the author is happy, and then seeing  children enjoy the books.


Contact me if you have a story you'd like to bring to life



"Hi Tania 

You know - as soon as I saw your sketches, I instantly KNEW you are the right artist !!You have captured him exactly as I want him and much much more !! 

You have an amazing ability to be able to bring the personality through with your subject.  Chuckles is perfect also !! 

You have perfected the scale too - and his eyes, body shape, collar and  Mum and dad are great too!

Thank you so much Tania I'm so happy with these images "



"I love how you put so much thought and detail into each and every picture tania - I'm really blown away

Right down to each insect - bug"